What Money Can Never Pay

Life. A journey that speaks what words can never say. Moments that purchase what money can never pay! ~ Finding Freedom, Jared ChapmanWith 86,400 seconds every day freely granted to every life form on this earth, how often do we value the incredible gift of time.One person styled it as having $525,600 (the amount of minutes in a year) in your bank account on January 1st, with the whole year to spend it however you please.The choice is yours. But remember, what you purchase with that “money” you can never get a refund for or return it for something else. The reverse being true likewise in that, if you don’t spend the money, it does not carry over, but slips into oblivion, dissolves, forever beyond your grasp and reach, only to meet it somewhere in the scheme of eternity. We have all heard it before, “Time is money.” Very few people, if any, will work without pay. Yes, there are volunteers, but the facts are, they need an income to survive and provide.

How many human beings are slaves to time? How many human beings are slaves to money?

The two don’t ever seem to be separated. Somehow they are vitally connected and it always seems there is never enough of either of them.”There’s not enough hours in a day.” “I’m broke.” “I can’t afford it.” “It’s a race against the clock.” And the list goes on.Most of the western world lives to work, with the prospect of retiring with a good amount of savings and some nice assets, but by doing so, they often lose their health, wreck their back, lose relationships with family and friends, and miss out on their kids growing up. This seems to be a hefty price to pay for the grand retirement dream.

Are we working to live? Or are we living to work?

There was once a professor, business entrepreneur, money hungry man who visited a small European town. Upon arriving in the village, which was a beautiful, peaceful and picturesque fishing community, he made his way to the docks. There he met one of the men cleaning his fish. The business man noticed he had incredible looking fish, and wondered why, if this man had such a skill at finding quality fish, didn’t spend more time catching hundreds of them.”Say, those fish are mighty fine looking fish,” the businessman said while looking into the boat.”Why, thank you!” The fisherman modestly replied. “Is this all you catch?” The westerner asked with keen interest in his voice.”Yes, that’s it. Enough for me and my family, the neighbours and friends. That’s all we need.””But,” the businessman said, starting his sales pitch, “what do you do the rest of your time?””Well, early mornings see me out in the boat, catch a dozen or so fish, head back to the docks, clean my fish. Then I go home for breakfast, spend the morning with my wife, go to the markets, see some friends, play music while enjoying a meal together, then I go home and enjoy some time with my kids.” “But, you could make money. Lots of it!” The business man added with a little disgust in his voice that the “lazy” fisherman hadn’t even thought of the financial prospects.”How so?” The fisherman asked with no enthusiasm whatsoever.”So, you could fish all day, every day, then you would sell your fish the rest of the time when you aren’t fishing. By doing that you will bring in lots of money and be able to buy a bigger boat.””And then?”“Then when you buy your bigger boat you could go out further and fish more, employ people, then the big fishing trawlers will see your amazing work, and want you as part of their team. Better yet, you could start your own fishing company, have a huge boat, catch triple the amount, and then you would be bringing in millions.””And then what?” The fisherman asked, cleaning his last fish.”Then! Then you could retire to a small village, spend time with your family, play with your grandchildren, eat out with friends, listen to music and go strolling through the market.” The business was grinning from ear to ear, delighted with such an amazing business idea.The simple fisherman got out of his boat, said goodbye, and walked up the jetty to meet his family for breakfast.All of us have different cages. For some of us, it’s the usual things like money, time, materialism etc. But for some of us, we have the more silent form of roadblocks that are holding us from achieving in life. Emotional hurt, pornography, addictions, anger, jealousy, self-hatred. In one form or another, every single human being that has ever lived (except one), has had to recover from various “prison cells” and walk out into life, into freedom. The only human being who has never had to recover from some form of captivity was Jesus Christ. He was, is, and will forever be our answer, and our key to freedom. Not the freedom that really is a false security, but the real deal. The freedom that keeps us safe in Him, while everything is crumbling. The freedom that says, “You are welcome to stay with Me forever if you choose. If you stick with Me, you will never have to struggle with that addiction again.” The freedom that sets you free the from the fog, smog and pollution of fear and failure, and releases you into the beautiful assurance, breathtaking splendour, and irresistible experience of being in the arms of God. Totally, completely and unashamedly.

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. John 8:36

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