Tomb Raider

Mysterious and dreaded, 

Rushing, footsteps in the night, 

A silent figure hovers among the graves

To plunder all in sight. 

Some call him the tomb raider

The robber of the grave

The darkness doesn’t stop him

Of it he’s unafraid. 

In the legends he’s a monster

An alien from afar

You cannot tell when he arrives

Nor find him on some radar.

But be not afraid of some ancient tale

There is no such invader

Let me tell you the story of the real life

Tomb Raider.

He is majestic and glorious

Full of mystery and might

The darkness runs away from Him

He clothes Himself with light.

There is no silence when He arrives

All are captured by the sound

Of glory notes of victory

The trumpet call resounds.

Then suddenly the tombs

Are penetrated one by one

Not with hand or tools

But by His voice undone.

The shattered graves surrender

All the prey they hoped to hold

He ravages the jaws of death

Of all His precious gold.

And death bows at His presence, 

It has no weapon which to raise

For this Man of War has conquered all

The Ancient King of Days. 

As the ransomed stand immortal

Death cowers in the dust

For He has dashed the grip of death away

And it, no one can adjust.

The last enemy is breathless

The heartbeat has no life

The darkness death brought upon the world

God has turned to light. 

All things are subdued

To the King of Kings alone

There is nothing that does not bow

Before His mighty throne.

Then the saying shall be shouted

Upon the crystal sea

Oh death where is thy sting

O grave thy victory?

Thanks be to God

The faithful Tomb Raider

The darkness He terrorises 

The Merciful Invader. 


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