Somewhere between two trees

You’ll be wiser,  

ascend to the throne that is infinitely higher,

if you’ll just a be biter

of the fruit that hangs from the tree in the midst  

your selfish God warned you must resist,

said the one who holds the title of the world’s best liar.  

And so she bit, 

and as the fruit entered her lips 

the guilt, the shame, the pain, the blame suddenly eclipsed 

the innocence that once dwelt freely in her midst,

now replaced by fear of the wage that was soon to be paid: death  

And so He said. . .  

You’ll be wiser, 

ascend to the throne that is infinitely higher 

if you’ll just be a biter  

of the One who hangs on the tree in the midst 

of two thieves, where justice and mercy kissed

the charges laid against you, I’ve dismissed!  

says the One whose name is Love and whose ways are infinitely higher

Somewhere between two trees I’ve been confused,  

been the abuser and the abused

played the accuser and the accused 

till I saw the One bruised because of me

hanging somewhere between two trees.  

And one day I’ll eat of that tree in the midst 

that stretches over both sides of the river that flows  

out from the throne where the Lamb sits  

as everything in between Eden and Heaven is wiped away no longer for me to see 

the confuser, the abuser and accuser is now gone never to be missed  

in a place where the I, the lost, am somehow given the golden crown,  

my feet to stand on heaven’s ground 

never again to be found 

travelling somewhere between two trees.

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