One Vision

We see a ministry as a canvas displaying the glorious gospel of the greatest Artist of all time - Jesus Christ. Reaching the unreachable, loving the unlovable thinking the unthinkable; through fresh, creative, vibrant means, nurturing talents, involving others. We want to inspire this generation with zeal and courage to share their God given talents, creating a ripple effect.

One Mission

Our mission as a collective group of Christian artists is to lead others into a loving, devoted relationship with Jesus Christ, resulting in an outflowing, un-compromised life of worship to God. Our primary purpose is to glorify God and share the everlasting Gospel through various artistic means.

What we do...

Circle Word
The Bible we have found to be the voice of God to our souls. We endeavour to spread this life changing message, bringing meaning, purpose and experience through a loving relationship with God.
Circle Song 2

As music is a beautiful and essential part of worshiping our Creator, our aim is to uncover and share sacred, godly music that inspires others with a true knowledge of God, and in turn leads them to praise Him. 

Circle Poetry

This element of our ministry determines to address real life issues and give hope in the middle of all the mess. Creatively constructing phrases to give a message and a meaning to the many hard topics of life. 


Jade Wales

Singer/Song Writer & Speaker

Adriana Wales

Singer/Song Writer
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Jared Chapman

Speaker & Poet

Josh Kang


We are passionate to share Jesus. Add One Glory to your program.