The x-ray has finally returned,

The diagnosis has been confirmed,


On a scale of 1-10 the pain is captured at a 9/10

Eyes once used to seeing a world of wonder around, now you cry out of them.

It hurts.

But before it gets worse an anti-inflammatory is given to numb the feeling.

Meanwhile, beneath the skin the process of healing is born.

For at the site of the fracture a clot of blood has already formed,

Reconnecting the fragmented pieces of bone that were once torn

apart from each other.

Listen now, blood is needed for fractures to recover.

Blood is necessary for bones to rediscover what it feels like to be one with each other again.

They say in most cases it’s 6-8 weeks before the fracture heals.

In most cases, but not all. . .

just ask God how He feels 6,000 years after the fall of His handmade masterpiece:

Mankind, made in His own image of love, now no longer able to experience the Master’s peace

So to fuse the fracture to become one, the Father sent His only Son

Knowing His blood contained enough white blood cells to fight the infection of sin.

Freeing captives bound in bonds, in the chains of selfishness and hate.

Fusing the fracture of an entire enslaved human race, with blood that sells without cost!

On the cross He became the offering. . .

Offering to do whatever it takes to redeem the broken, the lost.

However, sadly for Jesus in most cases the fracture never heals. . .

The emptiness, the ache,

the constant throb of a heartbreak.

It feels like an empty space that can never be filled.

The pain from the fracture, you try and capture on a scale of 1 to sheer agony.

But there’s no answer. . .

There’s no mask that can adequately cover the torment that covers His tear-stained face.

With just one glance you know the emotional pain He’s experiencing is off the charts.

But there’s no scale to capture the pain of a fractured heart.

Even you know there’s no anti-inflammatory that can numb the pain of a fractured heart.

Why, why is He is experiencing all the pain?

Well, you see His love looks past the traumatic history of the sin-stained heart.

Just like an x-ray He sees the brokenness as He looks through.

And as He beholds, He holds out His bleeding hands. . .

Offering to fuse the fracture together with His blood

He’s bleeding to be together again with you!

Even in the midst of the pain of the fractured relationship, the Gospel remains the same

The Saviour still proclaims the Everlasting Good News. . .

For His love for the broken is relentless. . .

On a scale of 1 to you.

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