Fixing Our Focus

We all know the feeling. We’ve all been there. We’ve all felt the embarrassment of being foolish, not paying attention and missing a vital piece of information. Maybe it was in school. The teacher called on you to answer a question, but you were busy….busy being distracted and had therefore missed the answer. Everyone laughed and you looked like a fool. Sometimes we vow to ourselves that from now on we will listen more and pay more attention to important things. But the thing is, it’s super easy to be distracted, and it’s super hard to pay attention to the seemingly boring things in life, even if they are important. Somehow, growing up between two millennia (1900-2000), things that were important then, seem to not be that great now. Or so society tells us. The rat race has only gotten faster, the bills have only become more expensive, jobs are harder to find, and no matter how fast we run, we are never able to grasp the hands of the clock and stop them so we can have more hours in a day. Family relationships have continued in a downward spiral while crime rates skyrocket, and everyone really wonders what has happened to life. What has happened to life?

What are we paying attention to?

Where does our value sit these days? Are we sooooo busy being distracted that we never actually focus on what we need? Could it be, that as individuals, we need to fix our focus above the “lesser” important things, to the things that are going to forever change our lives, both here and in the great hereafter? A young friend of mine thought it would be a good idea to check how many minutes she spent on social media in one day. On her phone, she discovered that you can track how much time you spend using a particular app. She was astounded and ashamed to discover that her total time spent on social media in one day alone equaled to around 11 hours. Needless to say, she has since deleted her social media profiles and gone on to spend those 11 hours on more important things. Again, what are we paying attention to?

The more we value something or someone, the more we spend time investing in that area of our life.

As Christians, the great central theme of our existence is (supposed to be) Christ. This was all the apostles could talk and think about – Christ, Christ, Christ. They were so well known for talking, following and proclaiming Christ, that they became known as Christ-ians – Christians. Sadly, many people today which hold the title Christian, are never heard even mentioning the name of Christ. When Moses was asked by God to go back to Egypt to tell the king of Egypt to let the Isralites go, Moses pleaded with God, “Send someone else, I am not eloquent, but have a slow mouth and tongue.”Can it be, that due to the fact that we are so fluent in current gossip, the latest fashion, movies and entertainment, that just as Moses tried to excuse himself, we plead ignorance? Have we nothing really to say about Christ? Has our mother tongue only become the trivial things of a planet soon to be wiped away?

The mouth speaks what the heart is full of. Matthew 12:34

Even in church circles, where there are Christians with other Christians, in some cases, it is awkward and out of place to talk about Christ, let alone with non-Christians. Why? It seems that the majority are paying attention to things, other than Christ, every day of the week and so when church comes, they talk about what they have done during the week.

If Christ was the focus, He would be in focus.

Nobody likes looking at a blurry image. No one wants to see a photo that can’t be recognised. As Christians, are we blurring out the image of Christ, so that no one can see Him, and further more, that no one wants Him?If Christ is important to you, you will invest time in getting to know Him. You will make time to build a relationship with Him. Interestingly, although us humans are a bunch of misfits, wretches, failures, and criminals to everything that is godly, Christ actually saw value in us. Phenomenal! Not only did He see value, but He invested in us so that we could have a chance of climbing out of the pig pen and making it back to the Father’s home. The investment that Christ paid, for us prodigal sons and daughters, we are incapable of calculating. The expense was something we will never truly fathom. When Christ paid attention to us, everything changed! And He is still paying attention to us. Could it be, the donations Christ most accepts is a donation in the form of attention?…………… What are we paying attention to?h

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 2 Corinthians 4:18

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