A letter to the Church, a letter to myself

Dear Church, 

Sometimes it hurts for me to see

A body of believers so empty of this very Gospel we claim to believe

Tell me, why is it that the so called “Good News”

Is rarely heard outside the building filled with rows and pews?

As us “Christians” constantly choose to talk about other things

The wives get caught up bringing up mother things

While men’s tongues are tied up on brother things

The latest car, the plans with the house, how much money another brings in each week

Meanwhile the presence of Jesus we fail to seek

Maybe that’s why His name is rarely mentioned in our speech

We’re content following a gospel that never penetrates our lifestyle

The battle against sin turns into a never ending fight while

The victory over sin in Jesus we never experience

But is this really the Gospel?

Maybe we’re too caught up chasing the matter, the space, the time

Maybe we’ve lost sight of what actually is the sign that we’re followers of Christ

Maybe our lights no longer shine for the world to see

Maybe there’s nothing for the world to see

What if the church was simply meant to be a place for communion, a place for the people to


Our conversations with God, the burdens we’ve given Him to bear  

A place to pray with fellow believers, outside of the opening and closing prayers  

What if the songs we sing are more than just words, lyrics and metaphors? 

What if the Bible we read is actually God’s handwritten letter for us? 

What if the hymns are all about Him?  

What if the root of being a Christian is just a matter of finding a space and time each day to 

spend with Jesus

And obedience is just the natural fruit of that relationship

What if all your fitness from heaven depends on His Righteousness received

A faith that transforms you into the image of Jesus, if only you believed

That faith comes by hearing, and hearing comes from His very Words that fall from His lips

Question, have you heard His very Words that fall from His lips?

Are you spending time to get to know, to speak, to listen, to hear

To sit at the very feet of the King of our universe and come near,

To the One Who is the Author of our salvation

Our Healer, our Redeemer, our Escape in every temptation

The Answer, the Power to experiencing an entire transformation

Which you can experience today when decide to enter a relationship

Founded on a never-ending line of communication with Jesus

You see if Jesus is the Author that means He’s writing

His law on the hearts of all who are deciding to spend time with Him

This is the Gospel!

So, Dear Church, please don’t lose sight of the Gospel in each lens of life you look through

Remember, it’s no longer the Gospel if the Saviour is not in full view

So don’t be afraid to speak and share, to tell the world the Good News! 

Dear Church, please, don’t be the one when Jesus returns and says, 

“I never knew you.”

Jared Chapman

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