Even the Little Black Ant

Sometimes you may think  Your life it matters not. That everything you do and say,  Are all easily forgot. Perhaps you’re tempted to believe That we are not connected. That by your life, all the people on the globe, Are simply unaffected. But if we could see the reality That we are one big whole, … Read more

Himself the Lamb

He was the promised one,  The son of an old man. The delight of a grey haired Mother, He was God’s well thought out plan.  The old man was Abraham, He and God were friends. But t’was heard Take now thine only son And of his life,  You will make an end. But this was … Read more

Tomb Raider

Mysterious and dreaded,  Rushing, footsteps in the night,  A silent figure hovers among the graves To plunder all in sight.  Some call him the tomb raider The robber of the grave The darkness doesn’t stop him Of it he’s unafraid.  In the legends he’s a monster An alien from afar You cannot tell when he … Read more

The Godforsaken God

O the love of God that He, infinity rich and clothed in majesty and splendour, became – God the pauper. That He, higher than any angel, more exalted than any thought can reach, Holy, undefiled, and limitless in purity, was made responsible for all our guilt, our slimy, ever increasing evil, all the crimes put … Read more

Donkeys know what’s up

Donkeys know what’s up.  As a child growing up, we had a Border Collie named Bonnie. Every so often we played a game where we’d make a square with my mum, my brother, my sister and myself. Then we’d place Bonnie in the middle of that square and we’d all beg her to come to … Read more

The Gospel in the Thorn

In the beginning, there were no thorns A rose was fragrant and well adorned, But after sin the ground was cursed, For a blessing not a hurt. The man was sent to work the ground, To reduce the tide of evil to abound, But everywhere now there seemed to be, Thorns and thistles, briers and … Read more

Turtles know what’s up

Turtles know what’s up. . .   “Yea, the stork in the heaven knoweth her appointed times; and the turtle and the crane and the swallow observe the time of their coming; but my people know not the judgment of the Lord.” Jeremiah 8:7  Every year when the season comes, turtles make the gigantic trek … Read more


The x-ray has finally returned, The diagnosis has been confirmed, Fractured. On a scale of 1-10 the pain is captured at a 9/10 Eyes once used to seeing a world of wonder around, now you cry out of them. It hurts. But before it gets worse an anti-inflammatory is given to numb the feeling. Meanwhile, … Read more