What Money Can Never Pay

Life. A journey that speaks what words can never say. Moments that purchase what money can never pay! ~ Finding Freedom, Jared ChapmanWith 86,400 seconds every day freely granted to every life form on this earth, how often do we value the incredible gift of time.One person styled it as having $525,600 (the amount of … Read more

Fixing Our Focus

We all know the feeling. We’ve all been there. We’ve all felt the embarrassment of being foolish, not paying attention and missing a vital piece of information. Maybe it was in school. The teacher called on you to answer a question, but you were busy….busy being distracted and had therefore missed the answer. Everyone laughed … Read more

Thick Clouds

Imagine that you are on an airplane taking off under thick cloud cover, dark and gloomy. You are not in the mood to enjoy the flight, and you are questioning if the foul weather will ever be pleasant again. Suddenly, as the plane continues ascending, it breaks through the cloud cover and what an awesome … Read more

The Bible: How do I Read It?

Strange question! How do I read the Bible? Surely every Christian on Earth knows the answer do they not?  You open the book and let your eyes glide across the words. You read.  Simple.  As a child growing up the Bible was a one of a kind book, why? Because I was always taught that it is God’s … Read more